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How Channel 4 met Cath Adam


When I took the shop over in 2019, Channel 4 called to say that the bride from MAFS had been recommended our shop and would like to come and get her dress from us.

Channel 4 filmed in the shop with us all day. Michelle was lovely, and it was so exciting helping her find her dress for the most unusual wedding we’ve had the pleasure of dealing with.

I got Michelle into lots of different styles and fabrics, and as soon as she tried the dress Hattie was wearing, she loved it. She’d found her dress!

Michelle and Owen got married a few days before the first lockdown back in March 2020 and then were in lockdown together. 

Fast-forward to December 2023, when a gorgeous baby, Jessica, was born. I am so excited for them both. It is such a unique way to meet, and the fact that they are still so happy is just perfect.

We are so thrilled that the couple we had the privilege of being part of their wedding are the ones that have worked out!

Needless to say, I’m now addicted to the show!

Cath x

Married At First Sight Couple - I married a stranger headline - Cath Adam @ The Bride Shop - Crawley
Married at first sight TV promo image of a couple with there backs to the camera - Cath Adam @ The Bride Shop - Crawley

Television Promo

Yes - we supplied the dress!

“I wed a total stranger then we went into lockdown together”

“Cath and her mum are so lovely and welcoming. I bought my dress on Monday and I am so glad I found my dress in her shop. Thankyou for making me feel amazing I can’t wait for the dress to come in now xx”

Jennifer Coleman

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