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Updated: May 8

by Cath Adam on November 27, 2019 in News

I’ve now owned The Bride Shop for four months, it’s been exciting and yet exhausting at the same time and I’ve loved every minute! The shop was originally closing down so we have now built up our stock snd have a boutique bulging with dresses all shapes, sizes, styles and colours.

We literally are back to back on Saturdays for appointments with a couple on standby most weekends to hear if there is a cancellation. So make sure you book well in advance especially if you have bridesmaids coming from afar.

We’ve had girls finding their dream dress, girls needing another dress as they don’t now like their original dress, and girls having 2 weeks to find a dress! Safe to say loads of happy tears!

Jamaica, Italy, Cyprus and Las Vegas weddings, beautiful Manor House weddings, country barn weddings and weddings held in yurts and tipis for that festival feel! Each story is different and we love hearing them all!

Every girl has different tastes and ideas but the one thing we all have in common is to want to look and feel beautiful on our special day. To help a girl achieve that feeling is just the best!

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