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Wedding Dress Shoot with Vix at Brooklands Pond - September 2022

Updated: May 15

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woman in wedding dress in front of graffiti'd wall
Wedding Dress Photoshoot with VP Photography

Photo Shoot of Wedding Dresses with Vix

Our wedding dress selection is amazing, and we love to organise great photo shoots of our wedding dresses with the best photographers around. We recently finished another photo shoot of our wedding dresses with the incredible Vix @vp_photography_worthing

When I first took over the bride shop, I had visions of my dresses being taken around an old car park needing a paint lift and graffiti on the walls, I just hadn’t had the time to go searching for it, it was always on my to-do list, which as we all know doesn’t get smaller!

Then I found Vix! An amazing photographer with the same ideas as me. This is now our 3rd photo shoot, taking fantastic pictures of our wedding dresses with her, so when she said I’ve found the perfect setting, I just trusted her and met her there. When I called her to say I was 10 minutes away, her reply was “this place is disgusting and skanky you’ll love it!

The graffiti was bold and brightly coloured, it was clean with the odd crushed can, it was perfect

We wanted to keep the number of models smaller this time so we worked with Leia an amazing dancer @leiabone_ who Vix has known and photographed her for years, her balance is on point and most of all she doesn’t question Vix’s requests, she just gets on with it, getting into any position she’s asked to, and she makes this look easy!

Kat worked with us for the first time that day, Vix had met her at Crawley Pride after being appointed the official photographer for Pride, Kat @kat_v_henry has recently been crowned Ms GB 2021/2022 and she’s beautiful inside and out and a real pleasure to work with. We’ve warned her she’s on our hit list and she’s happy about that! J

Not forgetting the boys, we worked again with Sacha @sasham_a he is so easygoing and also a pleasure to work with. He wore a stunning Mark Darcy suit from @apachemenswear. A fantastic menswear shop in Horsham, the lovely George dropped off the suit for the shoot. When the boys are looking for their outfits for the wedding, they can all be measured up together here, they have to go and see these boys, they know their stuff!

We had fab smoke bombs from the lovely Gemma from @offthewallentertainment the colours were bold and they lasted ages, they went so well with the graffiti too. I’d imagine she probably came along thinking she was going to just let them off, nope! We had her lying down on the bridge hiding behind stinging nettles, all in a day’s fun

So far, we have seen a few pics as when Vix gets home she just can’t help herself edit a couple so we can’t wait to see the rest

Until the next one, you won’t even imagine what we’ve got coming next, we’re so excited!!

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Take care

Love Cath x

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